Why do B2B companies need a LinkedIn Company Page?

May 8, 2019
by Charlie
B2B LinkedIn Company Page Guide

Why should B2B Companies have a LinkedIn Company Page 


and how to create and grow an effective Page that builds engagement with your market


LinkedIn users are using the platform to learn and develop their skills, advance their career, start and grow businesses, find solutions to problems and network with like-minded individuals and businesses. 

You can use your Company Page to:

  • Attract and engage with your target audience
  • Build a community 
  • Showcase products and services
  • Grow your brand presence
  • Attract top talent

LinkedIn also offers fantastic advertising opportunities which are incredibly targeted and these are only available through your Company Page.

Your LinkedIn Company Page should not be used as a tool to promote more clicks back to your website – instead use your Company Page to engage with your audience and build a community.

How to set up an effective B2B LinkedIn Company Page

A complete Company Page profile will give you better visibility to your target market than an incomplete one so it’s good to get the basics sorted out from the start. 

Graphics & Branding for your Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page should be treated like a landing page on your website so take advantage of the cover image (size1546 x 768 pixels) and logo and make sure you choose something that makes your brand stand out and be memorable.


Complete your Company Page Details


Populate as much information as you can in the Company Page details section and if you have multiple office locations you can add each one in turn in the ‘Locations’ section.

Don’t miss your opportunity to include a strong Call to Action (CTA) on your header too as pictured above (Visit website in my case) you can choose from a selection of CTA buttons including: Contact Us, Learn More, Register, Sign Up, ?Visit Website

How do Hashtags work with LinkedIn Company Pages?

Hashtags are viewed as topics and communities on LinkedIn and you have the opportunity to link up to 3 hashtags to your Company Page (see the left hand column on the image above)

Top Tip: Choose your 3 hashtags wisely because if someone in your community or network uses one of these hashtags in their posts you have the ability to engage with that post from your company page instead of your profile. AND if it’s a great post and you want to share it you can now share that post to your company page.

Create your own unique Hashtags that your community and network can follow and engage with 

Avoid choosing generic hashtags that are already followed by thousands of people, instead choose a unique hashtag that your audience can relate to and get behind. When you have a unique hashtag you can also use this to catalogue and keep track of posts relating to a particular topic or niche – great if you’re targeting numerous market verticals!

Create your own unique community and start a LinkedIn Group


LinkedIn Groups have come along way in the last 6 months with numerous updates being rolled out which make it easier to engage with your community than ever before. You can link up to 10 different groups to your LinkedIn Company Page making it easier to promote your community and attract new members (refer back to the left hand column on the image above as this is where you can link your groups.  

I’m planning on writing another article specifically about LinkedIn Groups and how you can use them to build authority and leadership in your market and better engage with your audience – watch this space for more details!

LinkedIn Company Pages are all about brand community and engagement – talk WITH your audience not AT them!

How to PROMOTE and GROW your LinkedIn Company Page

There are various ways you can grow your LinkedIn Company Page such as:

  • Get your employees to link their experience to your Company Page
  • Promote your Company Page on your website, email signatures, blogs, presentations and document footers
  • Reference your Company Page in your email marketing and on other social media accounts
  • Encourage employee advocacy and get your employees to use your specific hashtags and @mention your company in some posts and comments.
  • Tag your customers, partners, staff and stakeholders in posts (use the @mention function)
  • Engage with your audience by replying to comments, commenting on posts where you’re mentioned and use your hashtags – don’t be a passive company by only posting content yourself.
  • Post content your audience wants to engage with and encourage your staff and partners to engage with it (like, comment, share) and make use of the fact you can share native video, images, infographics, presentations and pdf’s.
  • Don’t try to be everything to anyone – be specific, relevant and engaging.
  • Share articles written by your employees, encourage them to post their own LinkedIn articles which will then help them grow their own influence and personal brand too! In my experience this type of content gets the most engagement!

How to get your staff on board with your B2B LinkedIn Strategy


It doesn’t matter that you’re a B2B business – your clients will always want to interact with a human being and your employees will always be your biggest advocates for your company.

Make sure each member of the team is linking back to your LinkedIn Company Page on their profile as your prospects will be searching for and be wanting to interact with them on LinkedIn.

When your Company Page is linked to the Personal Profiles of your team other LinkedIn users (especially prospects and future employees) can click through to your Company Page from their profile and also find the profiles of your team via your Company Page.

People want to do business with people therefore your employees will always be your greatest advocates and assets


The Curiosity Key Podcast

A weekly podcast all about innovation, tech, leadership and change. Aimed at curious people that aren’t afraid to ask key questions that will create a positive impact in the world today. 

How often should you post content to your LinkedIn Company Page?

This is entirely up to you however I recommend anything between from once a week up to once a day. There’s no benefit from posting more than once a day and if you don’t have anything valuable or relevant to share then don’t stress yourself out by trying to create content to post daily – once a week will be fine.

If you want to grow your company page and create more engagement with your audience the best way to do this is through high quality, relevant and engaging content.

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to content on LinkedIn – don’t add to the noise and blend in to the background, instead stand out, be remembered and encourage your audience to take action.

Don’t just use your Company Page to promote links back to your website, this is a very old fashioned strategy and doesn’t work effectively on LinkedIn. Always have the goal of engagement when you post content to your company page and keep in mind the type of person you want to engage with your content too!


Types of content that work well on LinkedIn Company Pages:


  • Native Video (not links to YouTube or your website) that’s informative, educational, relevant and engaging. For example: Q&A’s with the experts in your team, customer stories and testimonials, behind the scenes previews, software and product demonstrations, your team explaining concepts and services etc….
  • Graphics and Images that show the human side of your company – avoid ‘staged’ photos of staff trying to look engaged – your prospects want to engage with the real people inside your company.
  • Documents – this is a new feature and works brilliantly with Company Pages so you can share customer case studies, presentations, white papers, technical documentation, infographics and other pdf’s that your audience will want to engage with.
  • Customer and staff stories – use story telling in your content to better engage with your audience. @mention your customers, staff and stakeholders too!
  • Posts, Images and Graphics that promote upcoming events, conferences and in person meet-ups – encourage more collaboration and take the relationship with your community offline.

Avoid falling into the common B2B trap of just posting promotional content and links back to your website – instead try to start a DIALOGUE with your audience and communicate WITH them instead of AT them. This way you’ve got a much higher chance of standing out over and above the competition, raising the value of your brand in your market and attracting high quality, high value leads.

If you’d like some support with your LinkedIn Strategy then please get in touch – you can email me at hello@charliewhyman.com or schedule a free call with using the button button below.

I’ve been using LinkedIn over the last 8 years to raise the profile of the companies I’ve worked for, attract high value leads, build a community and convert leads into clients. I’ve done this both via growing the company LinkedIn Page and also by creating a strong personal brand for myself and working through that. I’ve used LinkedIn to build 7-figure sales pipelines, launch products that I’ve not been able to talk about and a lot more. I’ve also used LinkedIn to launch and grow my own business and attract clients I adore. If this sounds like something you’d love to do then let’s chat!

I hope you find this article useful, I’d love to hear what you think too so please connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know 

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