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How to get more sales from your b2b marketing efforts

Even when you have limited resources

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A simple 5-step process to help you focus your marketing efforts to attract more SALES and CUSTOMERS even on a limited budget
Strategies to reduce the overwhelm that can come from being a ‘one person’ marketing team
Real examples of proven strategies that don’t require big budgets or large teams to execute
How to avoid some of the most common mistakes we make when trying to ‘do it all’ and what to do instead

Life as a ‘one person’ marketing team

You have a to do list as long as your arm and you can’t seem to shake the overwhelm that comes from trying to do it all yourself….

It doesn’t matter if you’re working as a ‘one person’ marketing team for a company or if your a consultant or business owner trying to do it all yourself – the challenges are still the same – especially if you don’t have a marketing background……

A lot of my clients have more marketing qualifications than I do yet that doesn’t stop them from hiring me to help them build an effective strategy and plan that works for them.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing however once I applied my engineering background to the marketing problems I faced I developed a simple 5-step framework that helps you get more results, reduces overwhelm and gives you a plan to work with.

This tool is called The OTTER Framework and I want to share this with you so that you can avoid all the marketing injuries that come with trying to do it all yourself. This free webinar will give you 60 minutes of actionable and useful information you can take away and implement in your own business.

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