Tim Wade – Motivation, Productivity, and Increasing Your Impact

March 11, 2020
by Charlie

Tim Wade – Motivation, Productivity, and Increasing Your Impact

“We need to check in with our people more frequently.”

Tim Wade is a global conference speaker who helps motivate teams to embrace and lead positive change. In this episode, Tim shares awesome tips to help business owners and leaders to:

1. Better engage their people,

2. Increase their public profile to grow their business,

3. Increase their personal productivity, and to…

4. Be like Batman (you have to see this!)

Find out more about Tim at timwade.com, but start by checking out this episode now…

Key Takeaways

  • As a consultant, you can have a greater influence to inspire change in large organisations.
  • Problems are caused when we stop communicating with people.
  • Rule 15 – what it is and why we need this in business.
  • What the big distractions are in the office and how we can avoid them to increase our productivity.
  • The One Thing – what the one thing is that we can do each day to make the biggest difference in productivity.
  • Why we need to gamify our daily activities to create discipline.
  • New ways to run meetings and how this can change the process of working.
  • Combining activities to get the most out of your day.
  • Email management and taking actions by scheduling in time with ourselves.
  • How speaking on stage helps with consulting.
  • Be Like The Batman (link below as you need to see this)
  • Conference speaking builds authority
  • How to talk at conferences when you really hate speaking in public – key is to have a conversation and be yourself. If you change how you speak then you become your perception of what a speaker is.
  • Using interview-style questions to talk to your audience and get the information you need.
  • People will only remember the beginning and the end of anything so we need to open and close well.

How to be more productive

  • Make your meetings to the point or set a timer
  • Mix up your meetings with different techniques like standing or silence.
  • Only read your emails when you can do something about it.

If it gets scheduled, it gets done.

If you have any questions for either myself or Tim, do make sure to get in touch and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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Be The Batman

Gemini Photo App

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About Tim Wade:

Tim Wade is a motivational speaker based in Singapore and who speaks globally at conferences, conventions and corporate events about leading change and motivating positive results. He runs change workshops for teams going through an organisational transformation and assists them to embrace change, develop creative solutions to challenges and determine avenues to take advantage of opportunities.


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