Steve Pipe – Pt. 2. Creating a positive impact on the world

March 9, 2020
by Charlie

Steve Pipe – Pt. 2 – Creating a positive impact on the world

“Every business in the world, can show the world the difference they are making, in the world. ” 

Key Takeaways

  • Accountants should help businesses measure the things that matter so we get better results and outcomes and build a better world.
  • We should broaden the scope of what we measure into the impact we have on the world and specifically the 17 UN Global Goals.
  • There are 17 fundamental challenges we need to tackle as humans. Businesses need to step up and make their contribution.
  • Businesses need to measure their impact around these 17 UN Global Goals.
  • There is a simple way to share your business impact and it is transformational in the terms of telling your business story in the market place.
  • An impact score card is the easiest way to measure how your business has changed the world and it takes 5 minutes to complete

Why you need an impact statement on your website and what it should include:

  • Tell the story of your clients and the impact you’ve had on them.
  • Sets the scene for your business: what it does, why it does it, how it does it, and the difference that has made.
  • Break down the direct impact your business has had in the wider world by project. 
  • Break down the direct impact you’ve had by geography. 
  • Quantify the change your business has created. E.G. 17 million smiles.
  • Don’t measure how much money you’ve given to causes but how much good you’ve created. 
  • Use the B1G1 embed code to create your own version on your website. 

There is no business in the world that cannot take that idea and fold it into their processes. 

The benefits of giving on your business

  • Giving creates a sense of joy and connection. Your clients feel engaged and their loyalty goes through the roof
  • Customers are more likely to connect, come back again, and refer you to others
  • Letting people know that if they turn up to a webinar then something good will happen as a result, they are more likely to show up. 
  • Incentivise people to do what you want them to do through giving. 
  • There is a power to small compound impacts. 
  • How connecting B1G1 to everything in Steve’s business has made a difference to 5.6 million people over 12 years.  
  • This is relevant to every business in the world. It can connect sales, lead gen, and payments to being a force for good within the world. 
  • How you can use the 17 UN Global Goals to engage potential clients and attract the right clients
  • You need to demonstrate what it is you are doing and not just talk about it. Demonstrate your core values and you attract people who share those values.  
  • If you do not adopt this strategy, your business will be left behind. When you are faced with a choice of two identical businesses but one has values that gives back into the world , which one do you choose?

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About Steve Pipe:

Officially the world’s most highly-rated Accountant and advisor to Accountants, Steve is a best-selling author, dynamic speaker and founder of Accountants Changing the World and the AVN association of proactive UK Accountants.

He is also a former UK Entrepreneur of The Year

As he now approaches retirement, Steve Pipe is giving away for free all of his time and intellectual property to help accountants and their clients run successful businesses. 

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