Scott Leiper – Think differently and don’t forget to dabble

April 13, 2020
by Charlie
Scott Leiper - Imaginocity

Scott Leiper – Think Differently & Allow Yourself Time to Dabble 

“The power of imagination makes us infinite” 

Key Takeaways

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Cognitize By Imaginocity
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About Scott Leiper:

Scott is an award winning creative, imaginative and commercially focused leadership, management and personal development expert. Scott has provided consultancy services for 100’s of different organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors of the last 11 years through his business The Learning Lab.

He has an established reputation for making often-complex strategies and theories simple, practical and memorable. From designing an award-winning conceptual theme park as a vehicle to communicate an organisational change strategy, to shaping business transformation around the wonder of the Cosmos.

His unique approach to using learning iconography and conceptual design is much sought after.

His facilitation style is best described as engaging, fun and practical, whilst his creative and inclusive thinking encourages and inspires people. He believes we should always question our possible and scare ourselves a little every day.

Scott is an accredited DiSC practitioner and skilled in the provision of a full psychometric profiling service including areas such as Team Dynamics, Sales, Working Styles, Leadership and Management at an Associate, Middle Management and Senior Management/Executive level. He is an approved Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Designer and Trainer and has delivered programmes to leaders and managers at all levels including a Level 5 Diploma programme in many different

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