Robin Pointon – Engaging clients with Sustainable Travel Solutions via memberships

July 24, 2019
by Charlie
Robin Pointon - The Curiosity Key Podcast - Sustainable Travel

Episode 15 – Robin Pointon – Engaging staff and stakeholders with sustainable travel solutions using memberships


“Be tenacious and passionate about what you’re doing because it takes more than 37hrs a week to grow a business”

Key Takeaways

  • It’s not just about what we can generate in terms of income it’s about looking at the bigger picture around sustainability. 
  • You have to provide an incentive to encourage engagement and not take for granted people will do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do
  • If you want to create a movement and significant change you do need to understand what motivates people first. 
  • The thing that makes the biggest difference is when you can align what you’re doing with the culture of the company you’re working with. 
  • The need to reduce carbon impact has moved from desirable to critical and its great to see more and more companies make the commitment to change. 
  • We assume there is a thing called free parking but someone is paying for it somewhere – why aren’t we providing support for people that don’t drive and need parking?
  • It’s a blessing and a curse when so many people in an organisation are interested in the solution you’re offering – the key is to identify who has the biggest interest, budget and commercial motivation to move forwards and focus your time and efforts on that person.
  • Be tenacious and passionate about what you’re doing because it takes more than 37hrs a week to grow a business – make sure what you’re doing is true to your values and something you love every day 

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    About Robin Pointon and Go Travel Solutions:

    In 2008 Robin established Go Travel Solutions as a social enterprise to deliver low-carbon mobility solutions for the public, private and 3rd sectors. It works in collaboration with leading transport consultants, local authority partners, transport operators and support agencies. Go Travel Solutions has a track record of demonstrating innovation and have created its own sustainable travel packages – SmartGo for workplaces ( and LocalGo for new housing developments / communities (   

    Robin is the Managing Director and Founder of Go Travel Solutions and also Non-Executive Vice Chair of Leicestershire Business Voice and Non-Executive Director of Hopscotch Playgroup.

    Past senior management experience in place marketing, inward investment and public transport.

    Passions for Robin include his Christian faith, which was a key driver behind establishing Go Travel Solutions…for Yorkshire as a place… for his family … and the Bantams (aka Bradford City).  


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