Richard Glyn Jones – ViDAR, Saving Lives at Sea & the art of balancing long sales cycles and multiple expectations

July 12, 2019
by Charlie
Richard Glyn Jones VIDAR

Richard Glyn Jones – ViDAR, Saving Lives at Sea & the art of balancing long sales cycles and multiple expectations


ViDAR is an incredible technology that not only increases the confidence level of finding people and objects in water to 96% but it removes the guesswork of finding things. 

Key Takeaways

  • Technology exists to solve a problem so you firstly need to understand the client’s problems before you can successfully sell the technology. 
  • The first thing people see is your marketing material and the challenge is making sure the right message is in the right document – there is no one size fits all approach – especially when dealing with different clients and different industries.
  • I used to think that marketing is just marketing back when I was just involved in delivering engineering projects but now I know that marketing is one of the key functions of any business. 
  • Don’t just send a generic data sheet to a new client unless it meets their requirements otherwise you’ll disengage straight away.
  • 17 meetings in 3 days – Trade Shows have a huge value as lots of our target clients will be in one place at the same time. It’s sometimes easier to arrange meetings at a trade show than at the customers office.
  • Make yourself aware of the customer cycles before hand so don’t just expect the PO after the first meeting. 
  • Understand what the customer wants and what their problem is and how to solve it – mindset is everything in this regard otherwise you’ll struggle if you just try to sell the product 

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    DTSI Group Website:

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    About Richard Glyn-Jones:

    Richard Glyn-Jones has worked in the Aerospace Industry for more than 23 years covering many aspects from aircraft fuel systems, repair and overhaul of commercial and military components, integration of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems and setting up the Australian manufacturing supply chain for a number of F-35 components. Since 2015 Richard has been the Managing Director of the DTSI Group where he has worked with a wide variety of UAV manufacturers and operators and some of the world’s leading suppliers of Surveillance and Reconnaissance technology.

    About DTSI Group:

    DTSI Group works as an enabler for businesses to introduce cutting edge technologies to the global market. The focus is on Special Mission equipment for use in Search & Rescue, Maritime surveillance, Border Protection and Covert missions such as anti-piracy, illegal fishing detection and smuggling detection.

    DTSI works with end users to help develop their requirements, System integrators on the addition of capabilities to their platforms and technology developers to bring their products to the market.

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