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B2B Marketing Plan

You wouldn’t enter a race or summit a mountain without a plan or the support to help you achieve your goals….

So don’t try to achieve your business goals without a marketing plan…

Does your marketing look like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and you’re missing the box to know how it all fits together?

Do you lack the confidence and clarity around WHO your ideal customers are and how to find and attract them?

Has your business been built off the back of referrals and repeat business and you’re now ready to come out of hiding and tell the world how brilliant you are?

Do you feel like you’re trying to hike up a metaphorical mountain in the fog and need someone to guide you and show you the way?


If you fail to plan – you plan to fail…

Most marketers complicate things…. I’ve picked up too many injuries to count as a result of being led down the garden path or by people taking advantage of my lack of marketing training. 

I learned marketing the hard way and have the battle scars – let me help you avoid making costly mistakes and that feeling of frustration and uncertainty. 

The main thing my engineering degree did teach me was to set clear objectives and always have a plan. The day I stopped trying to figure out what all the marketing speak meant was the day The OTTER Framework was born and I started to gain some serious results from my own marketing efforts. 


Let me show you how it can work for you.


Let me help you have fun with your marketing so that you can grow your business and work towards your vision for the future.

Create your B2B Marketing Plan

how it works:

It all starts with understanding your goals and objectives

Once we know where you want to go and where you’re at right now, we can then look at the steps you need to take to get there.  

Then we'll look at the tools you need to get you there

We’ll look at all the tools you’re currently using and all the assets you’ve created so far so that we can bring it all together, identify the gaps and build on it – there’s no point reinventing the wheel if all the pieces are there in the first place. Once we know exactly what tools you need, we will map it out into an easy-to-follow system that you can print off and reference back to everytime you review your marketing activities. 

Where there are gaps...

We will make a training plan. If you have any gaps in your skills, knowledge, experience and/or confidence we will make a plan to fill them.


Aligning expectations

In order to avoid disappointment we need to make sure your expectations are fully aligned. Are you allowing the right amount of time, energy and budget to work towards your objectives? Are the people you are relying on to help you aware of your expectations of them? Are you aware of their expectations of you? 


Taking time out to review and reflect

All successful plans include time to review and reflect on what’s happened in the past so we know what to start doing, stop doing, continue doing and optimise. Optimisation in marketing is one of the biggest missed opportunities towards achieving a strong Return On Investment (ROI) – knowing what to optimise can add some serious cash to your bottom line! 

Avoid common marketing injuries with a step-by-step plan

Stopwasting moneyon marketing tactics that will never work for you

Don't let so-called marketing guru's lead you down the garden path by trying toby trying to put B2B marketing into a B2C box

Avoidshiny object syndromeand focus on making things work better instead of moving to something new

You don't have to be a trained marketer to be good at marketing or let a lack of confidence or perceived competenceto stand in your way

What you get:

A Marketing warm-up

Before we get together and put our strategic thinking caps on I’ll send you a series of questions to better understand your business, your current situations and your goals. This will help us hit the ground running when we meet online or in person. 

The main event

This is where we will create a plan for your success. By taking a step outside of your business we can really look at what steps you need to take to get to where you want to go. Using a series of strategic tools we’ll uncover hidden opportunities and create a plan that will give you the confidence and clarity to know what to do, how to do it and where to start.

The follow-up

Once you’ve had time to review the plan and the thinking behind it, we’ll get together for a virtual follow-up session so that I can answer any questions and address anything that pops up after the main event. 

Optional: Momentum Building Sessions

Creating the plan is one thing but implementing the plan is another. If you’d like my continued support and guidance you can take out a marketing momentum building package that will keep you accountable and moving forwards so that you will achieve your goals and let nothing get in your way. 

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