Matt Davies – B2B Branding, Agile Strategies & Purpose Driven Business

December 6, 2019
by Charlie
Podcast Interview with Brand Consultant Matt Davies

Episode 17 with Matt Davies – B2B branding, Agile strategies and purpose driven business

Marketing isn’t about closing the sale it’s about opening the relationship 

Key Takeaways

  • People do not buy technology because it is cool. We buy technology because it solves a problem.
  • Can you answer the question – what is the big problem that you solve?
  • Features have nothing to do with solving a problem.
  • Buyers go to conferences as an efficient way of meeting new suppliers and finding solutions – don’t turn your ideal clients into victims of bad trade show marketing and leave them frustrated.
  • If you’re clever in marketing you’ll lose – don’t be clever as you’re confusing your audience.
  • Our brains are hard wired to make sense of the world using stories so incorporating them into your marketing is a smart move.
  • When you tell stories position your customer as the hero and you as the guide and tell them how you’re going to help them win the day by working for you.
  • If you’re looking for investment tell another story but position the investor as the hero in the story and show them how you are going to help them win the day, come aw
  • People buy from people and people that can solve a problem for them and the technology is a way to solve that problem.

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“Three essential tools to align your people around brand thinking” – Click here to download

Book Recommendations

Storyategy: Unlock the power of your brand with a story based branding strategy – Matt Davies
Building a StoryBrand – Donald Miller

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About Matt Davies:

Matt Davies is a Brand Strategy Consultant who helps clients all over the world stand out and be meaningful. He’s an ideas man with a background in design, branding, marketing and leadership. Last year he wrote a book (called: Storyategy ). He’s held various creative leadership positions both in-house and agency. In the past he has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes including Boots, Specsavers, Capital One, Nikon, Fred Perry and Experian. He now works as a solo consultant to help business leaders to create positive change so that they stand out and be more meaningful. He also speaks and inspires at corporate and team events.

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