B2B Marketing Mentor

Reach your business goals faster and build marketing momentum

‘personal training’ for your marketing performance

B2B Marketing Mentor

avoid marketing overwhelm and procrastination…

Do you ever feel that time runs away with you and you never get round to doing your marketing?

Do you know what you need to do and need a ‘loving boot’ to keep you accountable?

Do you sometimes feel alone in making marketing decisions and wish you had someone to bounce ideas around with or get feedback from when you need it?

Do you feel like you’re trying to hike up a metaphorical mountain in the fog and need someone to guide you and show you the way?

Achieve your business ambitions with the confidence, clarity and support of someone that's been there before

Discover the right approach to B2B marketing so that you canstop wasting moneyon marketing tactics that will never work for you

Get a friendly kick up the bum so that you canproactively invest timein your marketing

Develop yourconfidence getting your foot in the doorwith the right people within your target audience

Have someone tobounce ideas around with that understand what you're doing

A resource i wish i had access to years ago…

I’ve always worked with sports coaches when working towards Rowing races and olympic weightlifting competitions yet it took me some time to connect the dots and work with a marketing coach to help me improve the performance of my marketing. 

If you want to work towards high performance you can’t do it by only focussing on the activities that you love. When I was rowing I wish that I could have just spent my time rowing my boat and lifting weights in the gym… unfortunately I also had to invest time stretching and doing yoga to help me avoid injury.


Do you feel the same way about doing your marketing?


Let me help you have fun with your marketing so that you can grow your business and work towards your vision for the future.

Working with a b2b marketing mentor is ideal if:

you're just getting started in business

and you want the confidence, clarity and support to focus on the right things that are going to bring sales and revenue into the business  whilst building some solid marketing foundations and visibility in your industry. 

marketing hasn't been a priority until now

Your business has most likely been built off referrals and repeat business and you’re ready to come out of hiding and show the world how brilliant you are and just how much impact you can make. You now want to step it up, start attracting inbound leads and create a buzz around your brand.

you want to launch a new product and service

You’ve put your heart and soul into this new offer and now you want to push it out into the world – you just need an external perspective to help you market it so that it’s not just you getting excited about what it has to offer – you get your ideal clients queing up to buy it. 

You want to step things up a notch

You may already be doing brilliant things however you share my love of high performance and understand that there are always improvements to be made – you just need another set of eyes on it to squeeze out that extra ROI…

Invest in your Marketing Performance

Prices start from£570per month

How it works:

We start with a marketing lift-off day

To avoid picking up any marketing injuries along the way every client must have been through a one-day Lift-Off Day so that we can get under the hood of your business and make sure you have the right strategy and targeting in place to build momentum from. These days are a huge amount of fun and really productive – you’ll end up with a marketing system too that we will reference each month and each quarter to keep you on track. 



12 weeks is a brilliant amount of time to set some lofty objectives and create some serious marketing momentum. This 2-hour session will then take place every 12-weeks to keep that excitement for marketing alive and also to keep building on the success from each quarter of the year. Without this session you run the risk of running off-track and continuing to focus on activities that aren’t serving you and your business.


every month we'll keep moving forwards with a momentum building session

These sessions are designed to keep you on track and accountable so that time doesn’t run away from you. You have the opportunity to pick my brains and borrow my 10,000+ hours of marketing and business experience to shortcut the painful trial and error process and get real results from your marketing (I’m talking sales and profit and not just leads here)


never feel alone in doing your marketing again....

You’ll also have VIP access to me in The Curious Marketing Club so if you have questions or would like me to review something at any point – you don’t just have to wait until our next call.  If you need additional sessions then you can book more as and when you need them – this can be particularly useful if you have a big launch coming up.


Hear what our current clients are saying:


Book a marketing strategy day and create a plan

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Book a monthly momentum building hour

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increase marketing performance & roi