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Charlie Whyman - B2B Marketing Strategist

Virtual Accelerator with Charlie Whyman

Master your Marketing Plan

End 2023 on a high and hit 2024 running

so that you feel less overwhelmed and get more sales & customers from your efforts

Marketing is really hard when you’re doing it all yourself and don’t have a huge budget…

It’s even harder when you’re not a marketing expert or have a background in marketing!

Do you ever feel like you are winging it? Or that you’re making it up as you go with your marketing?

Is your marketing activity inconsistent? Are you craving a simple plan that will keep you organised and efficient? (or maybe you have a plan but struggle to follow it?)

Do you ever find yourself avoiding certain tasks? Do you often work evenings and weekends just to keep up yet never feel like you’re getting anywhere?

Do you sometimes find yourself getting distracted with other things and losing focus on the activities that are going to generate leads, sales and new customers?

Are you Avoiding anything?

Do you have a list of marketing tasks that you’re avoiding or have been avoiding for some time?

We often avoid the things we need to do the most and sometimes you just need to either find another way to do the things you’re avoiding OR get some help and support to work through them.


Could you be Ignoring the good stuff?

How often does your dreaded imposter monster stop you from doing things because you focus on what’s in your head instead of all the positive signs and signals from your customers and market?

When you’re on your own it’s easy to ignore all the good things that you’ve done and that happen.


Are you Reacting instead of Responding?

Do you find yourself being distracted or your time taken up by other people’s priorities meaning your own marketing get’s sidelined?

In the absence of a plan or a plan you believe in, it’s really easy to react to external requests that can distract you.


What if there was a solution that gave you a clear plan that didn’t leave you overwhelmed and helped you move your marketing forwards 

on your terms

This is how it works:

It's a 4 Week Accelerator that includes a Weekly support and Q&A call with Charlie to help you keep moving forwards

Each week you'll get access to Step-by-Step Videos showing you exactly what to do to create your own plan

You'll join a supportive group of peopleto work through challenges and bounce ideasaround with so you don't feel alone with what you're working on

You'll get access to templates and guides that can be used over and over again

Start 2024 on a high with a New Year Marketing Kick-Off Call In January to give you a boost and launch your new plan

Build your Marketing Plan one step at a time week by week


Week 1: Your Target Audience & Key Messages

There’s a reason marketers bang on about customer profiling and buyer personas….it’s really important and really helps you focus your time and energy. In this module I’m going to make it really easy for you – we’re going to dive into who your ideal clients are (and who they aren’t) and what key messages you need to share with them to make them curious and keep them engaged. We’re going to keep things simple and effective so that you can create a marketing plan that actually helps you attract and convert new customers. 


Week 2: Your Commercial Operating System

Every business needs one! In this module you’ll map out your very own, one-page Commercial Operating System so that you can see how all the pieces of your sales and marketing puzzle fit together. Even if you hate systems and processes, this will help you focus your efforts on doing the RIGHT things. It will show you your gaps, opportunities, what’s working and what’s not working so you know what to work on for maximum return. There’s no point investing money and time in generating leads if you can’t convert them…or keep their curiosity alive if they aren’t in a position to buy straight away. If you want to be more organised and efficient – this module will SAVE you so much time, energy and frustration. 


Week 3: Your OTTERly Useful Marketing Guide

In this module you’ll get to know the OTTER, my super simple 5-step process for creating a marketing plan. We’ll dive into your objectives (what you want to get from your marketing efforts), the tools you need to achieve them, your expectations of yourself and others. You’ll also draw upon past learnings around what’s worked well and what’s not worked so that you can build on past experience and investment. This is a 12-week planning tool which can be repeated each quarter. 12-week marketing plans are really good to keep you focussed, interested and also enable you to nip things in the bud if they aren’t working before you end up down a big rabbit hole. The more you use OTTER the easier it will get and the more you’ll get from it. 


Week 4: Bring it together into a Timeline of Tasks & Activities

One of the biggest reasons a lot of marketing strategies and plans fail is because the tasks and activities are either not mapped out into a timeline at all OR they are too open-ended and not specific enough. For example – how often have you looked at a marketing to do list that includes things like ‘write blog, publish 3 x LinkedIn posts, Social Media, Create video etc… In this module we’re going to get SUPER SPECIFIC as to what you need to do and when so you’re not left overwhelmed and you have a clear plan of action that fits into your schedule and doesn’t leave you overwhelmed. 


NOTE: You’re going to create a very specific and achievable 12-week Marketing Plan that can be optimised and repeated each Quarter of the year. When you work with a 12-Week plan you can often get 12-months worth of marketing done in just 3. You’re more productive, more accountable and more efficient. This way of planning was an absolute game changer for me when I worked as a one-person marketing team, when I led a marketing team of 4 and also as an entrepreneur doing it all myself. 


Your Investment

One-to-One Marketing Plan Accelerator

Plus Bonuses
  • Everything in the Master your Marketing Plan Accelerator
  • Full Day Marketing Planning Workshop with Charlie in Nottingham, UK
  • 60 minute one-to-one follow-up session on Zoom
  • Direct Access to Charlie for Questions during December 2023


Don’t take our word for it – hear what some of charlie’s clients have to say:

Frequently asked questions:

Who’s this 4-week Master your Marketing Plan Accelerator for?

This Accelerator is aimed at Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and people responsible for doing their own marketing *alongside* other things. 

It’s aimed at businesses that are selling to people who work in or for other businesses and corporations (B2B)

When does the Accelerator start and how long is each session?

The Accelerator starts on Monday 27th November when the first week of the online programme will be released. 

The weekly coaching sessions will be held every Friday 10:30-11:30am GMT on Zoom on 1st December, 8th December, 15th and 22nd

The Bonus New Year Kick Off Zoom call will take place on Monday 8th January 2024 at 11am-12pm


What type of results can I expect?

This is a Marketing Planning Accelerator where the outcome of the programme is for you to have a clear and simple Marketing Plan that you can implement starting in January 2024 (or earlier if you wish)

The outcomes I want you to leave this programme with are:

– A clear plan that you are confident can be implemented with the time, energy and resources you will have 

– Clarity and Confidence with your marketing so you’re no longer second-guessing yourself and you know exactly what you need to be doing 

– A clear timeline of events so you know what you need to do when and how it all fits together

– A clear set of marketing objectives that will help you achieve your overall business goals 

– A one-Page Commercial Operating System that shows you how all your sales, marketing and customer service activities fit together so you can keep increasing your revenue, profit and customer-base