Lee Robertson: How to leverage technology that will make your business expand.

June 10, 2020
by Charlie
Lee Robertson -How to leverage technology that will make your business expand

Lee Robertson: How to leverage Technology that will make your business expand

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Content is just useful knowledge that you can deploy into your business to help your eventual client.” 

Key Takeaways

  • We wanted an ad-free experience-No pop-up No means no fake names and no bad behaviour. And we thought we could do that within this private social network experience as opposed to an open even if it’s a closed group on an open social circle media.
  • We wanted to crowdsource the best knowledge we could find. We want the kind of steady stream of a feed, a wall, have posts that were actionable, contextual, debatable, where people learn with the eventual outcome that they became better at what they did.
  • Good content is the power behind the throne.
  • The only way to be original is to tell a story to tell your story is to tell the story of what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and what you might do, that’s good content because people learn from that.
  • Content is just useful knowledge that you can deploy into your business to help your eventual client.
  • You’re putting your content in your community for the purpose of them to engage with it.
  • I learned a salutary lesson, don’t judge content before you see what the engagement looks like.
  • One of the beautiful things about humans is that we are slightly unpredictable and our behaviours can change depending on what’s going on, especially in the current climate.
  • People behave differently under stress, some people rise to the occasion, and others who you think would rise to the occasion or would stay at this high performing level they have, once you put them under stress, they react in totally different ways.
  • It’s important that we keep talking to our clients on financial services, we talk to our customers in a grown-up way that’s empathetic with a situation they find themselves in because we don’t know what their own situation is.
  • From our own individual point of view, take ownership of what’s going on and behave in the best way possible.
  • Marketing is just storytelling -it is telling the story of your brand or telling your own personal story. You can only tell that story in the context of having listened to your customer
  • It’s all about crafting your story and your business brand and your personal brand to resonate with your customer having first taking the time to understand what your customer looks like.
  • How do you get your message of how good you are and how much you want to help your customer in front and be a customer?
  • I think you just have to focus in on how do I help that person because if you don’t want to help people don’t be in business.
  • Anything that’s external going out to a potential customer or an existing customer is marketing
  • How can you be unusual and innovative without spending money
  • Don’t be too out of character, try and be a bit consistent will be helpful.
  • If you didn’t do what you did today, and you were your customer, what would you want to hear from you? What would be useful to me if I didn’t know what I know?
  • What a great thing to be able to interact with customers in real-time about what you hope to do for them.
  • You need to understand your niche. You need to understand where your customer set and depending on your product or service, you’ll either have a broad niche, or a set of narrow niches.
  • They should really understand what their customer base looks like, what are they looking for?
  • Forget about the word marketing, forget about the phrase content marketing. It is just telling your brand story to customers and your potential customers. Try not to worry about it too much.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune. Yes, there are lots of good marketing people out there that you can engage and will really help you refine that and if you’re not then you’re less confident.
  • Everything you do that’s an external broadcast via Twitter or Facebook, a letter an email, your website, any brochures you produce, it’s all marketing of one thing or another.
  • Small firms can look like larger firms, if they get their brand part of the marketing right, have a consistency of font of the color of imagery. And that way you just look smarter.

Lee Robertson: How Marketing plays a big business role that will pave the way through success.

  • Good content is the power behind the throne. Its influence on power is absolutely good.
  • Content Marketing is a useful knowledge that you can deploy into your business to help the eventual client. Thus, good content should be actionable, contextual, should further your knowledge, must be interesting and engaging.
  • Every time you do anything that goes external, it’s marketing. So every time you tweet, you’re an ambassador for your brand, but that’s marketing every time you put a Facebook post up, perhaps less so but that’s also marking definitely every time you go under 10 that’s marketing.

Mentioned Links and References:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leerobertsonwealthmanager/

Octo Members Group: https://octomembers.com/

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About Lee Robertson:

Lee Robertson is the founder of Octo Members Group which is an award-winning private network for financial services professionals to exchange and debate contextual, debatable and educational content. In little over a year, Lee Robertson and his co-founders have attracted over 2000 leaders from UK financial services. Aggregating, curating and creating world-class content for and by members. Based in a creative workspace with six film studios, a podcast studio and access to a highly creative team of editors, animators and motion graphics professionals Oct has already produced over 500 videos and podcasts covering hundreds of interviews to sit alongside thousands of contributed member articles and posts.

Aside from Octo Lee Robertson continues to engage with financial services, he is a prolific writer on marketing, content, personal and practice development. Lee Robertson is published across several magazines and websites and has appeared regularly on SKY, CNBC and Reuters. Lee Robertson is in demand as a conference speaker and chair and also acts as a judge on several leading awards across financial planning and financial services marketing which he is keenly interested in.

Lee Robertson, a passionate believer in encouraging young people to excel he acts as a mentor to younger financial sector entrants, is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster and is a Digital Mentor at the University of Cardiff on their Digital Interactive Storytelling MA courses and is involved in several start-ups by younger entrepreneurs.

Lee Robertson is keenly involved in the Livery Movement in the City of London he is a Past Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and serves as a Trustee on their charity.

Outside of these interests, Lee Robertson is a keen writer, amateur photographer and rarely passes on a lunch or dinner invitation.

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