Jonathan Thirkill – launching a tech-start up whilst working full time

April 30, 2020
by Charlie

Jonathan Thirkill – Launching a tech start-up whilst working full time

“If you build it they won’t come – you have to market your product” 

Key Takeaways

  • Boostify started as a hobby – let’s develop some software to solve a problem at work
  • Marketing has been a big focus for us and we’ve chosen more cost effective methods that have a bigger impact including PR which has worked very well for us
  • Marketing is all about starting conversations – if you’re building something new and different you have to get it in front of people
  • Start by marketing your MVP first and keep talking to people about it
  • If you build it they will come is a myth 
  • PR has worked well for us and we know this because we have to speak to all of our prospects before they invest and they tell us they found us as a result of reading a PR piece
  • Events have been another successful marketing strategy and we put in a lot of effort. We put together battery packs to give away to people at the event and we went through and charged each one individually – we knew everyone there would have a phone and that battery life is a challenge so this would be something that people would actually use
  • Always be prepared when you go to an event to make them work for you
    You’ve got to make an impression digitally as well as physically
  • Be relevant online and tell stories about why you’re doing what you’re doing and what you’re working to solve
  • If you build it they don’t come – you have to market your business. 

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About Jonathan Thirkill:

Jonathan Thirkill is founder and CEO of customer experience optimisation enterprise Boostify. Specialising in behavioural targeting and relevant, advanced content personalisation, Jonathan utilises his UK-built technological platform to enable brands to collect in-depth data insights and segment website visitors, in order to customise messaging and aid conversation.

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