Jana Dowling – Mental Fitness, Investment pitches, MVP launches and more

December 17, 2019
by Charlie
Jana Dowling - Arkeo

Jana Dowling – Mental Fitness, Investment pitches, MVP launches and more 

“Mental fitness and wellbeing is just as important (if not more so) than physical fitness and wellbeing” 

Key Takeaways

  • Managing your brain and its ability to function is arguably more important than managing your physical fitness.
  • Mental illness doesn’t just affect you, it affects your fiends, family, work and everything.
  • We’re building the measure of mental fitness and aim to build a global brand, We want one billion people around the world to be tracking their mental fitness – like the nike for your brain.
  • The way we currently talk about mental health is very disempowering for people.
  • We spend more time with ourselves than anyone else so we need to take more ownership and responsibility for our mental health and use data to better understand what’s going on.
  • You can achieve anything you want – we’re all incredibly powerful individuals.
  • I went from being suicidal to selling tea and toasties from a shed for my social enterprise to creating a tech startup – anything is possible.
  • It’s very easy to get carried away as you get a lot of big ideas but when you get started creating a business and an app you have to keep it simple and focus on the customers need.
  • Find advisors and find people that have knowledge that you don’t have to help you.
  • Expand your network by tapping into the people you already know and also leverage LinkedIn to get in front of more people.
  • Don’t be afraid to go out and ask people for their help.
  • Things have happened very quickly for me because I’ve focussed on building my network, having conversations with people and taking action.

Tips for getting seed funding for your tech startup

  • Keep taking feedback with every no and adapting your pitch deck
  • Be persistent and be prepared to adapt
  • If someone gives you feedback they are doing it because they want to help – if they didn’t they wouldn’t offer feedback
  • You don’t have to take everyone’s advice
  • Don’t ask for too much money to soon – Keep yourself bootstrapped for as long as you can. Until you have clients, revenue and so much going on that you need PAYE.

The power of LinkedIn is incredible – I get investors messaging me about what I’m doing and got word of mouth marketing too.

20,000 LinkedIn views in 24 hours on an image about what we’re doing
500 app downloads of our MVP off the back of a post

For B2B our focus is LinkedIn and B2C it’s instagram.

Mentioned Links and References:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jana-dowling-403a979/

Website: https://www.myarkeo.com

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About Jana Dowling:

Jana is the CEO of Arkeo and Founder of The 888 Collective. Arkeo is a mental fitness company that uses a tracking system she developed that measures mental fitness. Arkeo also helps companies of all sizes to improve mental fitness across their organisation through the use of the MyArkeo app.

As an inspirational thought-leader, she has been interviewed on London Live, featured in The Huffington Post and delivered training for the likes of Sky, Omnicom and BDO. She has won a place for Arkeo in The Barclays Eagle Health Tech Lab in Shoreditch.

Before her change in career, Jana worked as a producer in TV, in fashion publishing, and has performed as a stand-up comedian at the likes of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


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