How to Leverage LinkedIn: Podcasts

January 28, 2020
by Charlie
Podcasts about LinkedIn

I’ve been invited as a guest on many brilliant podcasts to speak about B2B Marketing, Sales and using LinkedIn as a key driver to win new business – you can listen to any one of them below. 

Do’s and Dont’s of Using LinkedIn

In this episode, Mark and I discuss mistakes people make when marketing,┬ámy thoughts on being on every platform, and how to post on LinkedIn. I also shared my┬ámission to simplify this and help B2B owner-managed businesses sell more, make more, and give more – making the world a better place.

Growing Your Business by Being Genuine

I had a talk with Damon Burton of Learning From Others and we talked about how I realized that curiosity is what keeps me passionate, pivoting into marketing, I have been able to help others build successful businesses by growing their audiences by being personable and genuine.

How to Use Curiosity as a Marketing Tool

I recently appeared on the InnovaBuzz Podcast to talk about using curiosity as a marketing tool, why market behavior is an important thing to consider before you do any marketing and, why empathy and compassion are required now more than ever. Listen to the podcast to find out more!

The Disruptors Club: How to REALLY use LinkedIn to win more business

Andy Brown, Founder of The Disruptors Club and fellow motorsports enthusiast invited me to come and talk about proven strategies around how to win business from LinkedIn – there are LOADS of tips in this podcast so make sure you take notes! 

Fast Forward Podcast – Episode 26

Tech Manchester produce the Fast Forward podcast which asks the questions that keep entrepreneurs awake at night. Although these days I’d say it’s more likely to be my baby than any burning questions, I chatted to programme director, Patricia Keating about how to grow your network and attract more customers. 

More Than Marketing – Episode 28

Arsham Mirshah invited me onto the WebMechanix podcast in December 2019. I spoke to Arsham about how to use LinkedIn to build authority in your field and why that’s important for creating sales opportunities. 

Lease a Sales Rep Podcast

I chatted with Gil Pagan from Lease A Sales Rep in April 2019 about some of the ways you can leverage LinkedIn for sales without being spammy. I give away some tips on how to be more efficient with your time on LinkedIn. 

Hollywood Branded Podcast – Episode 141

This long-running podcast talks about marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. I chatted to Heather Armel about how to turn your connections on LinkedIn into leads. 

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