Elizabeth Clark: What to do when your business delivers results so good – no one believes you

September 30, 2020
by Charlie
What to do when your business delivers results so good - no one believes you with Elizabeth Clark

What to do when your business delivers results so good – no one believes you with Elizabeth Clark

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“You’ve got to have self belief, if you don’t believe it, no one’s gonna believe it

Key Takeaways

  • So if you’ve got an idea, find somebody who has roots into tech if you’re not a techie, and that will help you navigate the route to avoid all the imperfections.
  • Get yourself a mentor as there are some really good mentors schemes out there. They organize, they set up timelines and you will see results as you go along.
  • There are organizations who have tech talent available but don’t necessarily have the idea. It’s a safer way in if you’re going into an established development team. Look for a decent mentor, go for a proper scheme where it’s structured and do your research.
  • Be prepared to hear things you don’t like, but be prepared to ignore them as well.
  • If you’re a start-up business with no experiences, no social proofs or case studies, you’ve got to have self-belief, if you don’t believe it, no one’s gonna believe it and you won’t succeed.
  • You’ve got to have conviction in what you’re doing because if you don’t have conviction in what you’re doing, don’t do it. So when you talk about your product be really, really positive.
  • Just be passionate, and you’ll be a lot more convincing.
  • Entrepreneurship is about not giving up.
  • The mistake everybody makes is they try and make their product perfect. The product doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be less flawed than everyone else’s.
  • Marketing has such an important role in Tech because when you’ve got the tech, you want to tell everybody everything about it using the language that everybody can understand. You’ve got to be able to translate Tech in a way that people understand.
  • If you’re a tech company, you’ve got to have a scalable, inbound funnel to nurture your qualified leads.
  • Target your message with who you’re trying to reach. So don’t try to reach everybody with the same message because it’s just going to fall on deaf ears. So target your audience with the message that you want to get.
  • If you are in a very competitive market, do not reduce your prices all the time. Instead, have a strategy for how you’re going to deal with your competitor and make sure that there’s no sales or margin loss.
  • Each market has to find the right way in or the right way to approach it to be successful.

Mentioned Links and References:

Elizabeth Clark Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreamAgility
Dream Agility Website: http://www.dreamagility.com/

Mentioned Links and References:

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About Elizabeth Clark:

Elizabeth Clark is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tech Company, Dream Agility, an international speaker and Author of Flirting for Dummies.

Listed as one of the top 29 AI scale-ups to watch in Forbes, Dream Agility is a Visual AI and Machine Learning company which specialises in paid search for E-commerce, and high value lead generation as well as the automation of product information from images using Visual AI. Serving Ads in 20 countries our clients include; Galeries Lafayette, Samsung and Music Magpie.

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