Bradley Hatchett: Looking beyond Zoom – how to get more out of online events and networking

November 11, 2020
by Charlie

Looking beyond Zoom – how to get more out of online events and networking with Bradley Hatchett

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“Don’t judge something based on one experience.”

Key Takeaways

  • The use of surveys and conversational social posts can get valuable feedback not just with the members but also the people outside the network who are also doing networking businesses.
  • Without a feedback from your customers, you’re not going to build a business that people want to keep coming back to.
  • Don’t judge something based on one experience.
  • Your customers can become your biggest referrers or your biggest advocates because they feel like they’ve shaped your product or your service.
  • If you give your existing customers the chance to share how you can improve, the longevity of the relationship will definitely increase.
  • Remo gives people that purpose and intent for networking over zoom
  • One of the reasons that people stop networking is because they don’t have that purpose-driven approach, and they give up on it too early.
  • You can build up a network of advocates through the process of networking
  • When you go networking, you’re never going to meet your direct end customers 
  • Networking fails when you have a mindset and a high expectation that networking is a quick win.
  • Don’t just dip in and out of networking, be consistent because people might not be in the position to buy when you first meet them
  • Having the right mindset and not setting yourself unrealistic expectations, can help you not to get disappointed to networking.
  • When you go networking, just think about how you can make the people that you meet more curious about what it is that you can do for them or other people that they know
  • Keep nurturing that curiosity and get them excited about the prospect of doing business with you. 
  • The most effective person at a networking event is the most curious person out there.
  • Content and networking discussion balance is a key thing to consider when you are thinking about an online event.
  • Arriving prepared and being present at a networking event is the key – it’s doing that work before the event
  • With online events, the organizer should be sending out forms in advance – so take the time to look through it. Have a pen and paper with you and take some notes and use those notes to follow up.

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About Bradley Hatchett:

Bradley Hatchett is Founder & Managing Director of business networking membership organisation, Network My Club. They’re on a mission to make networking something you want to do, not feel like you have to.

Connecting businesses across the South, South East and London, Network My Club brings businesses of all shapes and sizes together. In person they do so at iconic sporting venues. But also online, where their innovative method is proving networking virtually can be effective, fun and enjoyable.

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