B2B LinkedIn Prospecting Tips

January 3, 2020
by Charlie

B2B LinkedIn Prospecting Tips


Are you sick of your B2B prospecting messages consistently being ignored?

Are you worried that your ideal clients may think of you as spammy or too salsey? 

Would you prefer a more effective way of doing things that gets you more leads, more booked meetings and more demos? 

If so then watch or listen to my interview with Gil Pagan from Lease a Sales Rep about leveraging LinkedIn for B2B prospecting and sales – be sure to grab something to take notes with as there are lots of key takeaways and tips you can use in this interview. 

Are you keen to improve your B2B LinkedIn Prospecting Skills and increase the amount of leads, meetings and demos you can generate? If so then complete your details below and I’ll get back to you to discuss.

I coaching and training for both individuals and teams and work both online and in person. 

I also offer LinkedIn Profile Audits so you can be sure your profile is optimised and is working for you and not against you.

Contact me to improve how you leverage linkedin today

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