ASK METHOD: How to use LinkedIn as a tool to complete an ASK METHOD DDS in a B2B market

June 25, 2020
by Charlie
Charlie Whyman B2B Marketing Speaker

Back in 2017 I had just started my business and signed up to the ASK Method Masterclass and in November 2017 I joined the ASK Coaching Community. I had run over 12 Deep Dive Surveys (DDS) and launched my very first online course in January 2018 – this has since turned into my flagship program which you can see here.

In November 2019 I stood on stage at ASK Live and spoke about my journey and some of the challenges I faced whilst trying to run a DDS when I had no list, no existing business, and no clue. My main market wasn’t on Facebook either as I was targeting the B2B Market so some of the rules didn’t quite apply.

 The purpose of this article is to share some tips and strategies with you so that you can confidently run a Deep Dive Survey (DDS) to a B2B market on LinkedIn.

Before you start the ASK Method:

Your existing network is one of your greatest assets and when you’re in business or thinking of starting a new business then you’ll gain a huge amount from leveraging the existing relationships and contacts you have.

 It may seem like you’re starting from scratch but you’re really not.

 Do you have your key contacts in your LinkedIn network already? Key contacts being existing fans, clients, prospects, friends in business, peers, mentors, ex-colleagues, and associates, etc.

 If not, seek them out on LinkedIn and add them into your network – if you’ve not spoken to them in a while using this as an opportunity to reconnect and start a conversation. Your existing contacts are much more likely to help you out if you keep in touch with them.

Understand your ASK Method goals:

What do you want to gain from your network? New clients – if so what type and who? Be SPECIFIC! To run a DDS? What’s your SMIQ and who do you need responses from and how quickly?

Write these down and refer back to regularly

Plan your ASK Method approach:

WHO do you need to start a conversation with to achieve your goals? The end client? An internal influencer within the organization? An external influencer that could put you in touch with your desired audience? 

TIME – how much time do you have? Sometimes going through an influencer, agent, a partner is a faster approach than going directly – Ryan talks a lot about using partner lists and influencers to run a DDS through – this approach is great on LinkedIn and also when trying to get in front of a wider audience faster. 

ASK Method Step 1:

What can you offer the people you want to start conversations with?

 LinkedIn is a networking site so you need to apply the networking mentality – give first and don’t ask for something upfront. Understand what you can offer to help build the relationship. This could be a referral, recommendation, introduction, advice/help (if you choose this one first make sure the person needs/wants your advice), etc.

Understanding this before you get going will help save you time and be more effective.

ASK Method Step 2:

Export your connection data

In your LinkedIn settings, you can download an export of your connection data which makes it easier to identify ‘quick win’ connections to contact and prioritize – create a list and highlight specific connections.

ASK Method Step 3:

Leverage your Network: Start conversations

It doesn’t matter what goal you’re working towards you need to start a conversation first and on LinkedIn you can do this both directly and indirectly through the direct messaging feature, posting content of your own and commenting on other people’s posts.

LinkedIn profiles are a rich source of conversation-starting opportunities so be sure to spend some time having a quick read – the more personal and relevant your approach, the more likely you will be able to connect with that person.

DDS Tip: Contacting someone you already know or that’s already in your network with the ‘Can I ask for your advice’ leading question will get you a much higher response than leading with this question with someone you don’t know. If you don’t have your target market in your network start conversations with your target market by commenting on their posts in the newsfeed, by searching for relevant hashtags and in groups. Establish some rapport first and THEN connect and ask the ‘can I ask your advice question’.

 ASK Method Step 4:

Put yourself in front of your target audience. Remain front-of-mind and be visible in the eyes of your target market. If you want to gain trust, authority, and influence in your industry then you need to be consistently visible on LinkedIn if you want to attract new clients and opportunities. 

Post relevant, valuable, and engaging content regularly so that you can be seen and known as THE Expert and Leader in your field.  Comment and engage with other people’s posts and content so that you can put yourself in front of a wider audience and build relationships with your network. (If you don’t engage with others how can you expect them to engage with you). Find people that already have influence in your industry, join conversations they start, add value, be part of their community. Don’t talk AT your audience on LinkedIn – start a dialogue with them and make them feel valued and able to contribute, learn, and benefit. 

There’s no quick fix with LinkedIn – bots don’t work – see this post for more info on using bots and automation and how to avoid some of the big mistakes people make on LinkedIn – it does take time if you’re just getting started HOWEVER you’ll develop strong and long-lasting relationships that you can use throughout your career and working life. 

It’s not a tool to broadcast to your market or for attracting cold leads and the number of connections you have doesn’t mean you’ll get your content in front of more people or convert more clients. Engagement builds reputation and puts you in front of more of the people you want to be reaching. 

If you’re in the B2B field and selling high-ticket products and services the relationship will be worth the time and effort and generate quicker wins when you look at the bigger picture (sales, business growth/scale)


When I first got started with my online business and the ASK method I didn’t practice enough of what I teach – I wish I’d have connected immediately with people that registered for my webinars when I started running ads and using LinkedIn as a follow-up tool instead of just focussing on Facebook, email marketing and the webinar. When you’re generating a small number of leads, value them more, don’t treat them in the same way you would if you were generating 100,s, and 1000’s leads – never underestimate the power of building an authentic direct relationship, especially when you’re just getting started. The time is well worth it and easier to prioritize when you have 10’s of leads instead of 100’s and 1000’s – when you do this your conversions will go through the roof and you can build up revenue in the business so that you have deeper insights AND cash to use on ads and testing in future. 

If you’d like to find out more about how to run an ASK Method DDS using LinkedIn or to a B2B Market then please get in touch – you can arrange a free call with me by clicking this link. 

LinkedIn is a relationship building and networking tool that will generate high-value, high quality leads, convert leads into a real business and also put you in front of opportunities to grow your team, attract investment, gain referral partners, distributors, media and speaking opportunities and more importantly build serious value for your business and brand which sets you up as THE go-to EXPERT.

If you’d like more information around leveraging LinkedIn to help you win more business and raise your profile in your industry then I offer lots of free resources to help you get started as well as training, coaching and strategic services.



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