About Charlie

Leaving an engineering degree to make and sell olive oil helped me realise how important curiosity is in marketing.

Injuries from a car knocking me off my bike turned me into a better leader.

Injuries from ineffective marketing inspired the OTTER framework

Taking a new product down the world’s deepest mine helped me realise just how much SMEs can contribute to the good of the world.

Have I sparked your curiosity? If so, read on…

my vision

For every business to be a force for good and  have the confidence and know-how to reach the businesses they can impact the most

the mission

To help you achieve your business ambitions with an effective marketing plan, the confidence to implement it and the know-how to avoid injury. 

About charlie

They don’t teach you about marketing in an engineering degree so when I started my first business I was clueless, vulnerable and completely lost…

I spent too long winging it and feeling like I was making it up as I went along. I had my fingers burned by marketing agencies and so-called experts and one day I had enough.

I developed my own system focussed around commercial objectives and the goals of the businesses I ran and worked for. As part of the senior leadership team, I looked at marketing across the entire business and approached it like an adventure that our customers and entire team could get excited about.

The outcome?

  • Millions of pounds in sales across small but mighty global organisations
  • High quality leads across industries including mining, shipping, geospatial, healthcare, sports and food
  • Engaged teams across marketing, sales and customer facing roles all committed to the commercial outcomes of the business

Here’s a little insight into my marketing adventure:


Left Engineering Degree to make Olive Oil

My first business – Palmavera Fine Foods, won two gold awards at the Great Taste Awards for my home-made olive oil and I found a business partner that I later sold my half of the business to. When I say I learned marketing the hard way I really mean it because they don’t teach you anything about marketing in an engineering degree…..


Discovered Public Sector Politics

Marketing in the public sector is a very different ball game but helping people with a good idea access innovation funding and report on impact for both the NHS East Midlands and Sport England gave me the insights around how to market an idea and get funding – a bit like pitching to a new client or pitching for investment.


A Simple Transition from healthcare to laser scanning

Proof that curiosity really is a marketing superpower and that the more sales and marketing works together – the better the outcomes for the business. Combine curiosity with a solid system and process and you really can win 90%+ of a £3.2M contact aimed at the British Police.


Global Head of what?!

Sink or swim time as my boss promoted me to Global Head of Sales and Marketing, lots of marketing injuries were picked up as I learned how to (and how not to) delegate marketing tasks and recruit effective teams


The OTTER Framework was born

I don’t like making the same mistakes twice and The OTTER Framework was born out of the need for a system to help the team focus on what mattered as the business grew rapidly and we were trying to spin many plates. Hit and miss sales from events turned into million pound contracts and product demonstrations down gold mines.


From Mining to Shipping

An opportunity presented itself to launch a disruptive telemedicine solution to the commercial shipping industry as the Head of Marketing for a new group of companies – in addition to this I was also able to market (and fly) drones, navigation systems and fuel additives to name a few.


Time for the big-girl pants

What if……a question that can open up new doors and opportunities and at this stage the answer was to move into unchartered territories and start my own training and consultancy business.

With an idea but no plan, no savings and just a LinkedIn network to work with a new business was born within a week. I also managed to fit in an adventure to Everest Base Camp – it’s amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!

Borrow my 10,000+ hours and let me help you discover the fun and ROI in marketing and avoid the marketing injuries you’re heading towards.

our values – are you…

curious and up for a challenge

We are always learning and willing to explore and try new things. We are capable of anything we set our minds to and we look forwards instead of behind us.

Committed to delivering quality and getting results

We are confident with the quality of our products and services and we’re driven by results. We challenge average and strive to be the best at what we do.

Hard working

We are willing to invest and put in the effort in order to achieve our goals. We are self motivated, positive and hard working.

if so, we’d love to work with you

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